Clever-Plays offers a full range of development services for PC and mobile, ranging from simple art direction, to programming, to system design and balancing.

Clever-Plays has achieved a deep technical expertise in the following:
             1) Shaders and performance optimization for 3D mobile games.
             2) Innovative control scheme designs for PC and mobile.
             3) Systems design and balancing.
             4) Programming for Unity.

Our talented team is up to the challenge of whatever your project has to offer.


  • Game programming
  • Front-end and back-end programming
  • Shaders programming
  • Performance optimization
  • Programming for Unity engine


  • 3D modeling and animation
  • Textures and UI
  • Special effects and post-processes
  • Concept art


  • General game design
  • Interface and UX design
  • F2P monetization and retention design


  • We are closely affiliated with an award-winning
    sound studio, Vibe Avenue,
    and can produce all sorts of sound and music.


Animation rig, optimized for mobile

Modeling and texturing, optimized for mobile

Fast paced action game, fluidly playing on mobile

Beautiful artistic direction